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Based in the city of Oxford and choreographed by their mistress, Miss Cherry Buns, this troupe of Burlesque beauties have been twirling their tassels at various events around the country. 

Cream Tease are very proud to regulary host their very own nights of burlesque and Cabaret in Abingdon. Keep an eye out for up coming shows.

Get ready to delve into their fabulous world of scintillating sparkles, luscious shimmies and sensual body rolls. These girls promise to keep you entertained all night with their unique mix routines.


Available for booking please contact us at

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Miss Cherry Buns

Leading the Cream Tease troupe, the one and only Miss Cherry Buns. Our ilLUSTrious leader, this long-legged showgirl brings her classic choreography and cheeky charm to the Cream Tease crew.

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Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll

All fur coat and no (ok, small…) knickers! Our resident good-girl, Tootsie Roll is a pocket rocket, and you’re sure to have a blast when she’s on stage.

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Miss Ticklish Lickwish

For all those on the naugh-tea list this year, Miss Ticklish Lickwish is your queen. You’ll be begging this seductress for another spoonful of sugar

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Ms France Tartelette

Always bringing a good time, and something a oui-bit different, Ms France Tartelette! This petite papillion will entrance you with her daring dance!

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Trish Andrews

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The Dumb Belle

The Dumb Belle is all about sass and bad-ass! From glam pop mash-ups to dark and sensual numbers, she’s sure to get you excited and delighted!

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Lady Zoo Doo

Ladies who do are much more fun than ladies who don't...and Lady Zoodoo is all about the fun. She's the boozy fruitcake of the cream tease buffet!

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Cici Shore

Will you be out of your depth with this salty-but-sweet siren CiCI shore? She likes to make waves, and will put the sprinkles on your ice cream cone…

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