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Burlesque has reminded me that I shouldn’t have to hide myself away and it shows me every week and at every show that I’m surrounded by wonderful, protective and encouraging people. I’m grateful for the space [Lauren] created as it is very inclusive and gentle and positive (and obviously also ridiculously fun!): there’s no judgement, no assumptions, and no criticism, only positivity and encouragement and space to exist in our skin just as we are.



[Lauren has] given me the confidence I never thought I’d have again, I feel better in myself, my husband has even seen a change in me, and that’s all down to [Lauren] setting up this wonderful platform for us.

I always tell people burlesque is all the best bits of a night out - your friends, outfits, make-up, glitter etc.



I genuinely consider all my burly girls my friends, I'm closer with them than a lot of other people.

I describe the classes as an hour a week of laughter therapy, and that's so true, a rubbish week is always made better by the classes.




After my 1st class I sat in my car and cried happy-tears before I could drive home because I had found EXACTLY what it was that I had been looking for in new hobby! Burlesque has given me the opportunity to be who I want to be!


I have never felt more self belief or body confidence in my entire adult life.


[Lauren's] classes give us the confidence to be comfortable in our own skin, and give us a platform to express ourselves - and for that I’ll always be grateful.

I have found coming to [the] classes has really helped me on my journey towards body acceptance - maybe because everyone is so inclusive and encouraging.


My confidence - on and off stage - has grown exponentially since I started doing burlesque.

 If someone had told me three years ago I would be doing that on a stage I would have laughed in their face! But I've gone and done it.






The class is so inclusive, regardless of personal ability and everyone was so lovely and welcoming. Lauren is a great teacher and makes each session fun. Lauren's dance routines are fabulous and they are broken down each week and repeated to help enforce learning. I am learning new skills and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. This is made easier with how Lauren teaches and how the rest of the class help each other. I love this class and hate to miss it!



Lauren is friendly, funny, and extremely patient in teaching you what you need to know. I'd never done this type of dance class before but she made me feel comfortable and welcome from the start. She's also great at choreographing routines and helps everyone learn at their own pace.


Great classes. Happy vibe and loads to learn. You get a warm welcome and it’s always fun.



I have always wanted to learn contemporary dance. I have no jazz or ballet training but it’s always been something I’ve wanted to learn.

I am early 30s and thought I’d give this class a go.

Well it was just amazing from start to end and consistent every week. I have learnt new techniques and love Lauren’s style of choreography and how she explains the moves!

I really look forward to it every week!

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